Team Moto.

We worked again with Motorola and Draftfcb last week on another super fun shoot. Thanks team!
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Los Angeles, day one.

This Polaroid was taken on our first day in Los Angeles 10 years ago. Probably the last time I was clean shaven. We shot a lot of Polaroids back then mostly because it was the cheapest way to make a photograph back then and we were piss broke. Found it looking for Polaroids for the new Day19. Days away.

Waterball season 2010.

First day of waterball means the first day of summer for me. It also happened to be Father’s Day. How perfect.

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Hey, we shot that.

Saw our photo of the OK GO dudes and a mini horse we shot on the Apple site. You know what that means? Steve Jobs may have seen one of our photos, we have officially made it.

South Africa.

A year and a half ago we were lucky enough to fly to the bottom of the world for a 2 week shoot in South Africa. The stadiums were just getting built but you could already feel the excitement in the air. After the shoot wrapped our amazing producer somehow got us comped a free safari at Phinda. As rad as that trip was, how great would it be to be there right now?!

Photos from when we originally blogged them after the jump.
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Day19 x Mistress Lakers shirts.

We made a shirt with our pals at Mistress and they are finally in and shipping tomorrow! Get one HERE before they are gone. Link works now.

It’s summer, get on the roof.


A couple of weeks ago we shot an ad campaign for Incase and they decided to turn the cameras on us. So look out for some ads featuring Jeremy and Eli (shot by Claire) out there along with the others. Above is a video of us they made to coincide with it all. You can see more photos we shot (together) and videos of the other new faces of Incase on their site. Not a bad group (P. Rod, Evan Hecox, Parra, Oh No, Ron Radziner) to be in.

That slide I do at the end actually hurt pretty bad, and pay no attention to that butt crack shot please.

We’ll be posting the actual ads soon, so stay tuned.

Day in the life: editorial shoot.

Yesterday we had a great little shoot for a magazine we’ve never worked with before. We decided to dust off the Ricoh P+S and keep it in one of our hands to document the day. Let us know if it’s something we should do more of or if it’s just a stupid waste of MegaBytes.

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