Us at work.

Chris Hilleke just sent us this video of us on set the first day of a Converse campaign we shot in Alabama last month. He was there shooting B-Roll and snuck some shots of us. Music performed live by Walker Yancey, the 13 year old playing in the video. Thanks Chris, we never get to see our sweet photo stances.

Star Trek Enterprise Project.

A couple months back we were asked by Paramount Pictures to design a Star Trek Enterprise ship (I don’t know why we were chosen either) for a touring art show to promote their new movie so we said sure, why not? Weeks later a huge wooden crate showed up at our house with a blank ship in it and made us think “damn, what the crap do we do now”? Our original idea was to sell it and take a portrait of the buyer with the ship in one hand and the grip of cash in the other and give them the photo framed but we chickened out, so we made it into a skateboard. We put little photos all over the bottom which looked pretty cool but I guess they weren’t interested in showing that angle. You can see all the ships together here…


Dazed and Confused magazine did a quick interview with us that you can read on their website…

Last weekend.

Easter time!

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Claire, Eli, and my mom’s horse Lux. Pennsylvania.

Art walk? Art run along and find me a beer.

MOPLA (LA Month of Photography) is presenting a Giant Artists projection show this Thursday in an old bank Downtown to coincide with the Downtown Art Walk.

Keith Morris April starts tonight.

Tune in, 7-10PM PST @

Eli w/ Knife. 2009.