Coming soon…

With a week or so off we have been going through the archives compiling some of our favorite photos we’ve shot in Los Angeles since we moved here 10 years ago for a soon to be released picture book. Our house was one that was always filled with bands and friends and bands of friends who needed a place to crash so there are a ton of stuff of this kind of stuff. Travis Shettel free solo show in the old backyard, 2004ish?. More soon I’m sure.

Happiest place on earth.

We brought Eli and my mom to the land of Disney yesterday. Needless to say, it’s his new favorite place.

Best car commercial ever?

Remember when BMW released all of those short films? Brilliant.

This is gonna be a fun one.

Our friends at Mistress invited us to show some work with some of our favorite artists/people. Spread the word and come meet my mom.

Go team.

Worked with some great folks last week.