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It’s the Wolf….

Claire and I just got back from that big mess of a music convention in Texas and got to experience the group having the most fun, Odd Future. They had the whole city talking… broken noses, water fights with the crowds, and more entertaining to watch than…everyone else. Thanks for letting us hang dudes.

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From the archives: C. Mead, Mexico.

Curtis Mead, Mexico. 2005.

From the archives: The Hotel Cafe.

RJ Shaughnessy, Kevin Kusatsu & Jeremy Weiss outside of The Hotel Cafe, 2002.

From the archives: Anthony in Brooklyn.

Anthony Pappalardo in Brooklyn, 2008.

Goodbye and goodnight.

Let us just start by saying, our opening night for the Friends 2 show was amazing (even with the theft that happened after the opening). Watch the time lapse video down below.

There were so many friends, old and new, so many great vibes, so many people being introduced to new art and artists they’d never seen before, all in all a great night.

To answer a few questions. Yes we are still open, and yes we will be having a closing show for These Friends 2.

Head back in this Friday, March 4th to see the show before it comes down. There is still a lot of great art available, at every price range.

We hope to see you all soon. Also, mark your calendar for March 25th, when Megan Whitmarsh will be taking over and transforming the gallery for our next show. More info real soon.