Benefit show this Sunday.

Kris Kidd!

New ad we shot in the new issue of Rolling Stone. Taken at Malibu Creek State Park, November 2010.

Thanks MOPLA.

Last night we participated in a panel discussion of new media and new and old ways of marketing yourself as a photographer hosted by Rob Haggart aka A Photo Editor. We have never done anything like that and it was really a lot of fun. We spoke a couple of years ago at Semi-Permanent in Australia but that was different because it was all about us and how we got to where we are in our careers etc, plus it was in front of 3000+ people and for some reason was less nerve-wracking because it made us feel like rock stars.

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Tomorrow night we talk about things.

A couple months back we were asked if we would participate in a panel discussion about old and new ways of marketing and we happily agreed. Not sure what it will be like as we have never done anything like this but we are more than willing to share all of the weird things we did to get our work in front of people. Come by if you are into that sort of thing! I am nervous already. You can follow us on Day19Twitter to see all of my anxiety filled postings tomorrow. If you are into that sort of thing.


The studio got invaded today. 150 points.

Monster Kiddies.

Shot two stories in the new Monster Children that’s out now. Was great to meet and hang out with Shawn Stussy all day and spend another day talking Lakers with Mr. Kill Pixie. Pick one up HERE.


Yaniv Evan from Powerplant Choppers in Malibu, just added to the website

Team Day19 part 2.

Part two of the new blog category: A thanks to all the people who help us on our photographic shoots. Here’s Josh Reed, our trusty digi-tech. About to see a lot of this guy!