Crowd @ a Girl Talk show we shot for Rolling Stone a bit ago. People get nutty.

More Floss.

Amy sent this our way yesterday, more of the photos we did of Flosstradamus and Caroline Polachek are surfacing.

8 months of point and shoot photos.

Claire and I have a point and shoot (one of these to be exact) that sits on our table or in our glove box that rarely gets used and rarely gets uploaded. In fact, it’s been uploaded once since we bought it…just the other day. Here are some random photos from it in chronological order straight from the camera.

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We photographed Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson awhile back for an ad campaign for the newly relaunched Gargoyle’s sunglasses. We flew to Nascar country (North Carolina) for the shoot. Claire asked him if he had a need for speed or something and he said “not really, I just love competition and this is the most competition I could find”. Great answer. Apparently he wins a lot.

Saw this today.

This is one of the images we shot over the summer for a Chuck Taylor campaign on the back of a bus in Santa Monica (now people tell me they have seen them all over the city). When I saw it I felt like I did when I had my first photo published in a magazine 12 years ago since, as far as I know, it’s our first photograph traveling on the back of a moving vehicle! Travel well little photo of ours!


The little man got golf clubs for Christmas, and a Doo Rag.

New year, new books.

We are soooo excited for our new portfolios. It’s been a tough job editing and we’ve been trying to get as many opinions as possible but we are finally almost done. All new books right around the corner! Contact Giant Artists if you’re interested in getting your hands on one.

It’s getting out of hand.

Filled up 2 -1TB drives with work and 2-1TB Drives for non work photos in 2008, not including back-ups in another location. It’s time to buy stock in G-Tech. We’re gonna need to add an addition for HDs soon.

A friend in need.

The photo above is Justin and his new wife Holly that we took at their last minute wedding in December. Justin recently had a relapse with leukemia and needs to find a matching bone marrow donor.
Tomorrow there will be a drive in Los Angeles to help find someone, please come if you can. It’s free and no blood will be taken. The info is below.

In conjunction with City of Hope, we are hosting a bone marrow drive for Justin at our office next TUESDAY JANUARY 6th, 2009

It will take place between 10am and 2pm…
(So go to work late or come on your lunch break!)

Taking place at the R. Rock Office:
3111 Los Feliz Blvd. Suite 100
LA, CA 90039

O: 323-669-8819

There is NO COST but DONATION of any amount is requested…

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Happy 2009.

Last month we got to photograph Freddy Rodriguez from one of our all time favorite television shows, Six Feet Under. This was shot in our friend Sara’s kitchen.

New Year’s resolution: More editorial shoots. What’s yours?