Reminder: “I Do Adore” opens Friday!

Renowned Gallery Presents
“I Do Adore” in Portland.
curated by Day19

Angela Boatwright, Abbey Drucker,Cheryl Dunn, Liz Haley,
Helena Kvarnstrom,Ye Rin Mok, Chrissy Piper, Zen Sekizawa,
Emily Shur, Deanna Templeton, and Claire Weiss.

Opening Reception Friday, September 1st, 2006
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Closing Reception Friday, September 29th, 2006
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Show Dates
September 1st to September 29th, 2006

“I Do Adore” is an exhibition of emerging and well established women photographers from across the world. Each of the featured artists have created names for themselves through various outlets from books to magazine features to exhibitions to ad campaigns. One thing that each of these women have in common is their passion and talent for photography. Their styles range from street documentation to editorial, fine art to photo journalism and portraiture. In a fusing of all these different styles from such influential photographers, “I Do Adore” brings with it all the character and emotion that these artists have captured from behind the lens. Every photographer that was invited to be a part of this exhibition has shown the exceptional ability to find the hidden energy within a setting and bring its image to life.

“I Do Adore” originally showed @ Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles and is now travelling to Portland, Oregon. It features the same artists and welcomes Portland based artist Liz Haley. We are all very excited to bring this show to Portland and The Renowned Gallery.

Renowned Gallery. 811 East Burnside, Portland, OR.

Brought to you by:
Renowned Gallery
Giant Artists
Came Crashing

Reading Day Two.

Day two. Woke up wicked early to unbearable heat in the car from the morning sun and walked into the festival area. It was only us, the security guards, and the vendors getting their food trucks ready.

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Reading Festival, day uno.

We drove out to the the Reading festival on Friday night after picking up our passes from Annie and Micah at a hotel by the airport and headed west. We got there late and missed most of Friday’s acts, but did get to catch Belle & Sebastian. It rained for most of the Kaiser Cheifs and Franz so we hung out backstage in the beer tent. Most people at the festival camp out all weekend, and theres a sea of tents. It’s pretty insane to see actually, but we slept in our rental car.

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R. Mutt and The Chocolate Factory.

Spent the day at The Tate Modern museum. There’s a great permanent collection there that can take all day to see. At night Claire’s cousin Kate had us over for a plethora of food that she spent a day cooking. 1 more day until the Reading festival. Tomorrow we’re going with Annie to the taping of some television show here they are going to be on and then heading out for the first day of the fesivities.

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My kind of town.

We started to miss London, or get bored in the country, whichever it was we decided to head back to the city a little early. But not before stopping at The Donkey Sanctuary and a brilliant town with a brilliant name.

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We woke up to St. Michael’s Mount, a castle on top of a huge hill on an island. It has scaffolding all over it for repairs which makes it seem a little less authentic. “Built in the 16th century, but updated in 2006” has quite the ring to it. We also discovered what a car boot sale is, it’s all the same crap as a flea market with a different name.

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St. Ives Heaven

After Bristol we headed to the South and west towards Cornwall. The traffic was a little crazy and there were a ton of surfboards on the roofs of cars, didn’t realize there was so much surfing in England. I assume Animal is like the Hurley of England since every bro-dude had an Animal t-shirt on and every bro-dude’s car had an Animal sticker on it. What’s the term for bro and dude in the UK?

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Take a Bath in Bristol.

We left London in our rented Vauxhall heading west to and old Roman Empire hangout in England called Bath, named after it’s hot springs that the Roman’s took baths in. Everything is so literal here. It was a short drive since Engalnd is about the size of New Jersey, and other than the one wicked old church in every village and architecture that hasn’t changed in 300 years the England coutryside doesn’t look much different that New Jersey, or Kansas.

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Super Tourist Day One

Jeremy woke up today with a bloody hole in his chest. It wouldn’t stop bloody bleeding. We decided to have a tourist day and go see the typical sites with cameras around our necks and fanny packs. We forgot the fanny packs.

Warning: Postcard photos galore after the jump…

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96 Gillespie.

Yesterday we took a short tube ride to the Arsenal stop to check out Angela’s Sorcerers photo show at 96 Gillespie not knowing it was run by Pat Graham and his wife Melanie. We’ve been familiar with Pat’s work for a long time now and it’s funny to finally meet him half way across the globe. Check out photos of this great gallery he runs out here, and if you are ever in London be sure to stop by and say hello. They may even offer you some tea if you’re lucky.

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