2007 is almost no more.

New year’s resolution: get in the dark room. Everyone start shooting more film, sending more mail, starting more random conversations.

BTW, photos of Mr. Eli can be found at Day19.com/eli so we can post photos every day and be a crazy parents who post photos of their child every day and not look AS crazy.

two day, three day, four days old.

4 Day old Eli. Thanks for all the congrats from everyone, means a lot. Here’s where he looks like his dad.
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Eli Davis Weiss.

Welcome to the world.

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Swindle’s 2nd annual Icons just hit newsstands everywhere. We photographed David Lynch at his house in the hills and Daryl Hannah at her house in Malibu for it. After the shoot David Lynch said to us “it was a real pleasure watching you guys work”, how rad is that!

We put Daryl in a wheelbarrow and she tipped over but was cracking up the whole time. Make-up by Ms. Amy Strozzi and hair by Mr. John D.

get your grub on.

Three Thanksgiving dinners. Claire has a real future as a food photographer.
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oh canada.

We had our first shoot at the new house yesterday. We lived in our old house for 7 years so you can imagine that we exhausted about every possibility for another photo shoot there so it’s a good thing we have a new place, cuz this was a huge shoot. We can’t drop any news about it yet of course, but Entertainment Tonight Canada was there documenting the day and their cameras were on us a lot. So please Tivo that for us Canadians, since we don’t have plans to go to good ol’ Canada anytime soon. Also a peek at our new living room.

We did watch Juno the night before to get siked for the shoot though. Go see it. Today. It’s great. Trust us. We are saps for those kinds of flicks. And here’s our feet watching it in the new Family Room. That brings up a good question. What do you call the big room at the front of the house with couches but it’s mostly used for reading and what do you call the room at the back of the house with the TV and surround sound etc. that you mostly use for watching television. I never know what to call them. Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are easy.

And here’s a photo of my beautiful wife and her beautiful belly with our soon to be born son or daughter in it, oh… and a peek at the side of the house.

5 minutes ago.

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“I Do Adore” opens this weekend in San Francisco.

Reciever Gallery Presents
“I Do Adore” in San Francisco.
curated by day19

Angela Boatwright, Abbey Drucker, Cheryl Dunn,
Helena Kvarnstrom,Ye Rin Mok, Chrissy Piper, Zen Sekizawa,
Emily Shur, Deanna Templeton, Claire Weiss, & Andrea Longacre-White.

Opening Reception Saturday, December 8th, 2007
7pm – 10pm

Show Dates
December 8th, 2007 – January 25th, 2008

“I Do Adore” is an exhibition of emerging and well established women photographers from across the world. Each of the featured artists have created names for themselves through various outlets from books to magazine features to exhibitions to ad campaigns. One thing that each of these women have in common is their passion and talent for photography. Their styles range from street documentation to editorial, fine art to photo journalism and portraiture. In a fusing of all these different styles from such influential photographers, “I Do Adore” brings with it all the character and emotion that these artists have captured from behind the lens. Every photographer that was invited to be a part of this exhibition has shown the exceptional ability to find the hidden energy within a setting and bring its image to life.

“I Do Adore” originally showed @ Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, and is now happy to be shown in San Francisco at Receiver Gallery with the addition of New York based photographer Andrea Longacre-White.



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Eagle Rock

So, we just moved and it’s been hectic like it is when you have to move everything you own and have collected over the last 7 year of living in the same place. New blog posts tomorrow. There’s a lot to talk about.