San Fran Show Time.

We’re heading up to the windy city of brotherly love aka San Francisco this weekend for the opening of the Hot and Cold issue release art show at Eleanor Harwood Gallery. 1295 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. See you there.

Happy Birthday Secret Shows.

Last Thursday after shooting Velvet Revolver for the whole day in their studio there was a party celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Myspace Secret Shows in Hollywood. It was basically an art show of the posters and 2 photos from each show. I was pretty excited since I shot about 90% of them and it was incredible to see everything all together in one place. Oh, and Clipse and Cold War kids played. Oh, and it was an open bar. Oh, and I didn’t have to shoot it so we got to just run around and have fun all night. But of course we still shot tons of photos.

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Lake Show.

Went to Vegas last weekend to shoot some hip hoppers, see the post down a bit. We had a great hotel room at Caesar’s that was packed with NBA All Star fans that made for some mazing people watching. Then we went came back to Los Angeles and shot a job every day since, bananas. We got a great surprise call from Jen and Neal that they had a private suite at Staples Center for the Lakers/Jailblazers game. Private room, free booze. Lakers lost.

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Lake Tahoe shred the hella gnar pow pow bro.

We took our annual trip up to Lake Tahoe recently and there was actually snow! My brother and I trying to get chains on the S4 must have been a site, but half way through us trying to figure it out some yahoo drove by and said we didn’t need them since its AWD. Bonus! Go Quattro! It snowed close to 3 feet over the weekend and here’s Reece with some of it on his beard.

More photos….
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Claire goes Dirty South.

Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones!!!!!!

Lil’ Scrappy has some money is his bank account.

PDN and PDNedu.

If you go to your local newstand and pick up a copy of the latest Photo District News you will see us in their CREATE section. It talks about the work we did for Nokia recently. Also pertaining to PDN, if you happen to find a copy of PDNedu “the Magazine for Emerging Photographers” you can read an interview with us since we are their “One to Watch” for 2007, I guess in our case “Ones to Watch”. They’ll be posting their online version soon and we’ll be sure to post a link here.

In other work news, we have a photo of Seonna Hong in the latest issue of Juxtapoz, a photo of the director of Run Lola Run and Perfume Tom Tykwer in the latest issue of SOMA, an 8 page fashion spread in BPM and a photo of the amazing El Vez for Swindle. We also shot all the ads for the upcoming Honda Civic Tour 2007 featuring Fall Out Boy. Oh, and photos we did for DirecTV are covering the Fox News Building in Manhattan right now. If you happen to be walking by it can you snap a photo for us?

We’ve been up to a lot more that we can’t talk about yet, but it’s been a crazy exciting 2007 so far.

Happy Birthday to Luis.

Last night was our long time friend Mr. Luis Farfan’s 29th Birthday party and we spent it bowling at All Stars Lanes in the Eagle Rock. There was a D. Monick sighting and a Little Nate Harrington. Luis is one of the first people we met after moving to LA over 6 years ago and I’m glad we spent his birthday with him.

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