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Was it winter?

In this episode of Day19 blog we bring you a couple photos from our cabin in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. We didn’t get much snow out west this year but we made sure to make the most of it. Happy Spring East Coasters, and to all you West Coasters, it’s really no different than it was last month.

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I tried.


My bad attempt at skateboard photography with Justin Strubing on the Day19 ramp. Last weekend.

Summer adventures: Refugio.

Our work schedule the past couple years has been pretty hectic and leaves no chance of actually planning a vacation ahead of time so as a family we do as many last minute trip as possible. I randomly called Refugio State Beach to see if there were any cancellations for the weekend and timed it perfectly as a church group had to cancel last minute on a 30 person campsite. We didn’t really need a site that big for the 3 of us but we took it and instantly texted everyone we knew to see if they were down for a last minute beach side camping adventure and of course a whole lot of people were. Here’s a bunch of random photos from the weekend.
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A lot has been happening over here at the Day19 camp. Since Thanksgiving we have shot some great campaigns with the good folks at Sid Lee, Anomaly London, Leo Burnett, and Sid Lee again. Of course we can’t show anything yet but here are some photos taken on the days in between.
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Monster Kiddies.

Shot two stories in the new Monster Children that’s out now. Was great to meet and hang out with Shawn Stussy all day and spend another day talking Lakers with Mr. Kill Pixie. Pick one up HERE.

A time to get…

Nick from A Time to Get stopped by the studio the other day and we ended up driving fast around town and he happened to shoot some photos of it. Check it out. Photos do a great job showing how many appliances we share our parking lot with.

Animal Acres.

On Saturday we drove 45 minutes north to a place called Animal Acres for our buddy Alicia’s birthday party and to hang out with some animals. We were there once before with her (I think she brought us for Claire’s birthday?) a couple years ago and we actually photographed the founder for our Polaroid Project. Its a great place where they rescue abused farm animals and give them a great home. Check it out if you get a chance and make sure to pick up Alicia’s book if you get a chance. More photos after the jump.

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Dallas has another book!

Come out to Family Saturday night to celebrate it’s release.

Video after the jump…

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Coming soon…

With a week or so off we have been going through the archives compiling some of our favorite photos we’ve shot in Los Angeles since we moved here 10 years ago for a soon to be released picture book. Our house was one that was always filled with bands and friends and bands of friends who needed a place to crash so there are a ton of stuff of this kind of stuff. Travis Shettel free solo show in the old backyard, 2004ish?. More soon I’m sure.

Jordan Bennett

Jordan Bennett. New Jersey, August 14, 2010.