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The Team Zine

Later this week we’ll be dropping a ‘zine of photos of photos we’ve shot of our crew on our shoots. Here’s one from a day we all decided to dress up like ninjas.



Throwback to the time the whole crew went into a downtown swap meet and everyone bought a $5 t-shirt.

Fastest man in the world

and my wife texting.

The ad after the jump and a behind the scenes video if you care.
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Western Union and Claire.

The campaign we shot for Western Union last summer is starting to appear all over the globe. 40 ads for 20 countries. Here’s a little clip of Claire pumping up our talent for the above shot.

Little man on set.

Little man got to come on set for a bit one day and hang out on the motor home with the crew. He must have a warped idea of what we do for a living.
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Fake show, real emotions.

About a year ago the good folks at Anomaly came to us wondering if we had any photos from a concert they could license for a Motorola ad and the first thing we said was “we have a ton, but there’s no way we can get releases from all of those strangers. Why don’t we just throw a fake show?” And so we did. Above is our good pals Mickey Adams and Curtis Mead, that microphone wasn’t even plugged in.

More photos and the ad after the jump.

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A couple of weeks ago we shot an ad campaign for Incase and they decided to turn the cameras on us. So look out for some ads featuring Jeremy and Eli (shot by Claire) out there along with the others. Above is a video of us they made to coincide with it all. You can see more photos we shot (together) and videos of the other new faces of Incase on their site. Not a bad group (P. Rod, Evan Hecox, Parra, Oh No, Ron Radziner) to be in.

That slide I do at the end actually hurt pretty bad, and pay no attention to that butt crack shot please.

We’ll be posting the actual ads soon, so stay tuned.


December 1st found us traveling to Banff, Canada to shoot an advertising campaign for Canada Goose. A great company making the warmest jackets in the world for the people of the great white north in traditional fashion. We stayed in one of the most beautiful (and most haunted) hotels I have ever seen. Great shoot, great people, and freezing cold weather.
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We’re back from San Francisco.

It was a great time, thanks to everyone who came out. Medicine Agency made a video we’ll share soon, but for now here’s Eli dancing as we hang the show.

Photos from the show can be seen HERE. Limited edition ‘zines are still available as well as some prints. Stop by or call 415.829.8615 to order. Thanks.

this guy.