Sunday’s in LA.

Claire shot some photos of us playing water basketball the other day. The game is full contact and you usually go home scratched and bruised. Big Steve basically just threw me half way down the pool every time I went near the basket. -Jeremy

That’s me just getting thrown at my teammate.

Look at that face of concentration.


Gnar tattoo. Almost every photo I have of Paul he has a beer about to go into his mouth, even when he’s only in the background. I’m starting to wonder if he just walks around like that and I never noticed.

Office Party!!



If something’s a secret usually people at least hint to you that it may be a secret.
Here’s a photo of Skyler.

Ribs, feets, bubbles.

complete randomness.

Jordan Bennett.

One of our favorite humans alive, at and around home in NYC. Last week.

Jordan’s photos can be seen here.

oh yeah, happy 4th.

Kris Byerly.

July, July.

Here’s a photo of Claire I took last week with a D2X in super low light, wicked.

A day in New Jersey…

Claire posing on dad’s dock.


Mike, aka Jared Leto.


Mike, Jeremy


Vander wearing jeans.