3 x 1 = 3.

Thanks for all the print orders already, it’s not even Black Friday yet. For the people who ordered all 3, here’s what they would look like on your windowsill. It would be rad if everyone sent us a photo of where you hung your photo once you get it.

Christmas presents! and things.

Our friend Dallas wrote a really awesome book that might just make the best Christmas present for any person (not just child) you know. Listen to him if you don’t believe us…

You can order one from his site…DallasClayton.com

After you buy that and decide maybe you want to buy something else for someone else, or maybe that same someone something more we are selling 3 – 5″x7″s of photos we’ve taken in the past 12 months for cheaper than we ever have. It’s kind of like a “sorry we didn’t have time to make a new ‘zine yet this year like we usually do”.

“Big Sur Dive” – 2007.

“Big Bear Bus” – 2008.

“J. Spaceman” – 2008.
They are all signed and in little frames and come with whatever we may have lying around the studio for 30 bones. Go here to purchase. Day19 Store. Thanks.

For more amazing Holiday presents make sure you check out chezsucrechez.blogspot.com, seriously.

Claire answered a very serious question for BendPress’es Weekly question @ BendPress.com

Oh, and check us out on The American Apparel Daily Update.!

Hiking clothes.

Claire and I went to Hanalei for the weekend. We went on some very wet adventures, even broke a camera, but man… one of the most beautiful places ever. A ton more photos after the jump because that’s what we do, photograph each other.
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it’s November 20th.

Cru- A Magazine from Portugal did a little feature of some of our music work, and put our photo of CeepLo on the cover! You can download it digitally @ www.cru-a.com. We also have a photo of Girl Talk in the new issue of Rolling Stone. And guess what? Our good buddy Dallas has a book release and reading this weekend at Family.


A couple months back we worked with Converse to come up with all the images for their soon to be released skateboarding line. It was an amazing job, we got to hang out and photograph their skate team for a week here and in NYC. They are all great dudes, fun to hang out with and fun to bomb hills with. Well, they just launched their website with a bunch of the photos (we shot everyone except Nick Trapasso since he wasn’t on the team yet) and it looks pretty great. Spend some time, have a look around…

Photo above is Raymond Molinar in Eagle Rock, CA.

On newsstands now.

Gnarls Barkley, L’Uomo Vogue.

Max and Jason from Current TV, VMAN. Photo assistant credit went to Eli Weiss.

There’s some stuff going down tomorrow…

We all know there’s that presidential thing going on tomorrow, but there’s some important things going down here in California as well we feel pretty strongly about. Voting YES on Prop 2 and voting NO on Prop 8. If you can’t listen to a couple picture takers who can ya listen to? Here are some videos to tell you the same thing.

Happy Halloween.

Eli & Claire. October 31st, 2008.