Mae Whitman.

Big Steve and Emi.

Ollie Tamale

We are hanging photos here…


FREE PHOTOS! I’m sure all of you are aware of the disaster situation going on in New Orleans and the Gulf States, We’re asking for everyone who comes to this site to donate what they can to the Red Cross or Network for Good to help with rebuilding, housing, feeding and taking care of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.
Donate any amount you can HERE or HERE or find a charity you may like better
HERE and forward us the receipt to (or email us for our real address to send copies of your receipts to) and Claire and I will send you one of our photographs for free. 5×7, 8×10,any size depending on your contribution. We’ll even send you some polaroids
and old ‘zines that aren’t available anymore. You’ll be getting some free artwork
and the peace of mind knowing you’re helping out a good cause. Thanks.