Stumbled upon this shot we did of Craig Robinson earlier in the year, almost forgot all about it. He played a great bouncer in Knocked Up.

OK Go and Monday link love…

Last month we worked w/ Capitol and OK GO on photographs for their upcoming album and press pics. It was the second time working with these guys and once again it was a blast. Impeccably styled by Christopher Kreiling.

After a conversation yesterday about photo websites I enjoy visiting regularly I couldn’t think of any other than Emily’s and Farley’s so I came home to look at my “blogs” bookmarks… (I’m too lazy to RSS feed anything, i barely know what that means). The websites/blogs I visit regularly for the one or two of you out there who might care after the jump…

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Monster Children

While in Australia we met and got to know the fine people who bring you Monster Children, the magazine. Chris, who everyone seems to call Hollywood, picked us up, showed us around and brought us to the offices like a gracious tour guide. Hollywood, Campbell and Lucy are some really swell folks. Seriously, how great is it that the people who make one of the best magazines in the world are also such great people? We all share too many similarities it’s crazy. Anyway, I don’t want to blow too much smoke up their arses, it just rules to meet people who get it like they do. Good job Monster Childreners, can’t wait to see you in the states. More phodos after the jump.
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The other photographs from Sydney.

Here’s the second half of photos we shot while hanging out in Sydney. There are a lot of postcardy photos to be seen here so beware or embrace the tourist in all of us. When we visit and explore a new city we like to pretend we are secret agents and we have to sneak around with a camera to capture the secret of wherever we are. We probably look half crazy and half stupid but it’s all great fun. We take a lot of photos of each other.

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Sydney, Pt. One.

After a couple days in Melbourne we looked at the weather forecast and it called for 45 degrees and rain so we caught a quick flight up to Sydney to stay with our friends Vanessa and Aaron. I think they are crime fighters or something.
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Australia: Melbourne.

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Thank You Australia…

For a great time. We won two Logie Awards while we were here for being the most popular people on Australian television. They’ll go on the shelf next to our MTV Movie Awards and Oscars. We met so many great people and the Dodgers are going to round two. Will it be a Dodgers/Angels series? You ready Andy? A grip of photos to come when we get back to LA and the internet isn’t so painfully slow.
Stay tuned.

Chris Searl from Monster Children

We did it.

We spoke at the Semi-Permanent event today and it was pretty amazing. Definitely felt like I was going to puke and pass out before we took the stage but after a bit I was fine. People even laughed and our stupidity! It was a great event and I suggest everyone taking part. Oh, and while in Melbourne we found the Kum Den.

Thank you Australia.


We are here safe (stop worrying!) in Melbourne, on the flight over you could watch a camera from the tail for the whole 15 hours if you chose to, we didn’t. We tried to sleep, worked slightly well. In two days we speak our hearts out on stage in front of thousands, we are prepared. And excited. See us here if you are in Melbourne and want to hear us talk, or buy us a drink and hear us talk even more. Lots o’ photos soon! Need sleep.