It’s been stupid hot in Los Angeles.

Start thinking about snow, Jeremy is. Big Bear 2007.

We’ve been getting to travel a bit working on an a little campaign we can’t talk about but we did get to go to North Carolina last week and shoot Jimmie Johnson. Don’t know much about Nascar but he’s a stellar guy in our book. We go up to Seattle this week (never been) to shoot some crab fisherman, from that show. That show I watched for 12 hours straight last 4th of July with my good buddy Brian in New Jersey.

We have 3 photos in the new issue of Vibe. The “Juice” issue, which means we’ve got juice. Been waiting to have the juice since Juice came out. Barack Obama’s on the cover.

Counting the days until this comes out. We’ll be first in line.

F*ck Yeah Fest this weekend, we did a funny photo of it’s founders last week for LA Times among other things you can see right HERE.

Family @ Family. Better late than never.

A couple weeks ago RJ had a realease party for his new book on Death Camp at Family. I can’t begin to explain what Death Camp is or was but it’s missed and very well documented in RJ’s book. Go pick up a copy, at Family. Michael Runion played, Brother Reade played. Needless to say it brought the east side to the west side in droves.

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Everyone loves a contest.

Ok, here’s the deal. This summer we’ve been taking photos of the view of our hotel rooms if we are above the first floor. The first person to guess all (or the most) of the cities that they were taken in will get a 16×20 print of your choice from our archive of photographs. Hint: we left out all the New York City ones, too easy. And there’s at least one or two that are dead give-aways.

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it’s that time of year again.

new photo ‘zine time. this one is 20 pages, handmade by the two of us. photo sewn on the cover, sewn binding. these things took a ridiculous amount of time to make, but we are so excited about how they turned out that it was all worth it. all photos from 2007.

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San Francisco is pretty in September…

Adobe Books and the Backroom Gallery Presents…

Jeremy and Claire Weiss “Day19 Polaroid Project”

Opening reception Thursday, September 6, 2007 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates September 6th through October 6th.
Curated by THE FOLKS.

3166 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415.864.3936.
the flyer

Nice words here… Thanks for finding it.

YouTube Thursday.

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