Made for Skate.

Our buddy Raymond brought us a couple of these last night. That’s our photo of Pops, on the cover! I think it’s just the special Converse cover but still, looks amazing I think. It’s a book on the history of skate shoes and it’s almost as good as Disposable. Almost. Look for it!

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Special guests Keith Morris, and Matt Costa!

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Aviram Cohen.

Aviram Cohen. 28 Westland Ave. Apt. 5 Boston, MA. 1998.

Ofer Moses.

2009 promo poster.

These just came back from the printers and look so great. 2 sided poster that get sent out as our first promo of 2009. You can also buy one if you’d like. They are 2 sided so you can switch it around every couple months. They are 11×17 and they are folded. They are six bucks.

Go Karts in Compton.

Valentine’s Day Go Karting. D Monick about to make the pass.
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“All over town”

An IM popped up yesterday from Mr. Schewchuck that went something like this…”Hey man, I’ve been seeing your photos all over town”. “Oh yeah? The Converse bus ads?”. “That and these Flosstradamus posters wheatpasted everwhere”. So off we drove to find one and the first block of posters we came across there was one, right up in the corner next to an Incredibad poster. We’ve made it!

Oh, and check out an interview with myself that reads like one big rum on sentence on

Stuck in the mountains we can see from our house.

This was the scene driving down the mountain from Big Bear yesterday. Three times we were stopped for a half an hour because a truck or car or both had slid off the road. We attempted to leave the day before but it was even worse with 2 feet of new snow, white out conditions and avalanches blocking the road. All of this 2 hours away from our sunny home in Los Angeles. Lots of photos after the jump, most of Eli learning to sled.

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Heading out of the city for a couple days and into the deep snow in the mountains only 2 hours from Los Angeles. Gotta love LA, wilderness and ocean and city all so close. The above photo was from shooting pellet guns in Ethan’s backyard. Another great thing about Los Angeles, backyards that you can shoot guns in!

Pro status.

Mumble teamed up with Powell Peralta to make legendary skateboard photographer J. Grant Brittain an honorary pro. Check out the interview HERE and buy the limited edition deck HERE before they sell out.