Treat Street…

Jeremy and I rode bikes to Treat Street this morning. We got there a little late and almost everything was gone, but i was lucky enough to get a coconut cupcake. I put it in my bag to save it for later, but on the way home my tire got stuck in a crack and I toppled over and squished my fancy treat.

2 Parts Louise.

Some extra bus ‘zines found.

We found some of these extra ‘zines Claire made of VW buses taken at the Reading Festival in England. They are 3 bucks. Buy with Paypal after the jump. Oh, and there are only 10 available.

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Photo District News: Ones to Watch.

Read the interview eh….

One to watch article.

Day 3. Es Ef and Es Ceee.

Day 3 of our up north trip had us waking up in Oakland and going to spend the day on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz before rushing home to do a shoot for Interscope early the next morning. For those that don’t know, the Santa Cruz boardwalk rules. It’s the only thing in California that reminds me of growing up in Jersey. We played lasertag, air hockey, skipped some rocks, etc. with Chris and and his “friend” Maggie. Santa Cruz is also where they filmed Lost Boys and the styles of the people hanging out there haven’t changed much. Another brilliant day.

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San Franceeeeesco, Day 2.

Our second day in town started with Chris picking up his daughter Aya and us all going to a massive vegan breakfast which wrecked my stomach for a good 5 hours. Big breakfasts are not good in my book, they just make me tired for the rest of the day. Anyway, we started by going to the carousel at Golden Gate Park and then just hanging out people watching there for a good part of the afternoon. The place was a full on hippie fest complete with drum circles, people playing with those silly sticks, and a full on contact high if you got too close to any of it. I will say now that it was 1. another amazing day, 2. Aya is the most daredevil fearless little 2 1/2 year old I’ve ever met, 3. SF has a lot of hippies.

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San Francisco day one.

So, last weekend Claire, Blake and myself jumped in the wagon and headed up north for the art show/issue release party of Hot & Cold. On Friday before the show our host for the weekend and loooooong time friend Chris Duncan had some work to finish up, so the three of us drove around the city all day taking photos of each other. Can’t beat a day like that.

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