Hello China.

We are now represented in China by Bloc. We are still represented everywhere else by our long time friends Giant Artists. In case you were wondering.

P.S. Thanks to Booooooom for showing some of our photos the other day. It’s a great site, check it out.

new picture pages.

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Lake Hopatcong.

This is the lake I grew up on. The lake I had my first boat on at the age of 13, that I’d wake up at 7am every day of the summer to go out water skiing with my best friend Shawn (who came up with the name Day19) on. The lake my dad lives on still, who’s “summer” house is on an island on that same lake 2 miles from his year round house. I can’t recall ever having a bad time on this lake. My dad had a mortgage burning party (when you pay off your home and you burn the mortgage papers) on the island the 1st of August and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

More photos after the jump of jumping off docks.
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Back in Los Angeles w/ a new bike.

Just arrived home in Los Angeles for a shoot after being all over the East Coast for a month to find this little beauty waiting for me. I talked with the dudes at MacNeil about a bike but honestly forgot they were sending me one. Its a 26″ cruiser in a very similar color scheme to a CycleCraft 24″ cruiser I raced in the late 80s (my mom has the photos somewhere I’m sure). Thanks MacNeil! Lots of photos from our east coast summer very soon.

“those are big”

It’s been a great week. Eli’s been hanging out in the parks of NYC, we’ve been seeing photos of billboards we shot for Smirnoff popping up all over the world, we may be traveling to the other side of the world next week, our assistant is running topless in Levi’s ads all over NY, there was a surprise birthday party for me in BKLYN, another rooftop jam in the BK, we’ve reunited with so many great east coast friends, AND we’re going to the Sussex County Fair Friday! Let’s keep this going.