Last December we spent a week shooting with Harley Davidson and VSA Partners. We can’t show any of the actual ads yet, but this popped up on their website. It was a great time hanging off the back of a pick-up truck 2 inches from the ground in the canyons. Stay tuned for more, they look incredible.

Little man on set.

Little man got to come on set for a bit one day and hang out on the motor home with the crew. He must have a warped idea of what we do for a living.
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Day19 for Puma Faas.

A couple months back Puma flew us to Kingston, Jamaica to photograph the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, and Jamaican Olympic athlete Shevon Stoddart and the ads have finally dropped. The agency flew down artist Tristan Eaton to decorate a gutted building with all the copy that would normally be text on top of the photo so that the photo could stand alone as the ad. See them all after the jump.

The funny thing about our job taking pictures, we take all these photos we are proud of but can’t share them to the world for sometimes a year. Last year was our busiest year by far filled with such a variety of clients and shoots, some of our best work yet. We can’t wait to be able to share them with the world.
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Hello friends. We have some very unfortunate and sad news and we need your help to solve it. Last night towards the end of our These Friends opening someone stole a piece off the wall and bolted out the front door. It was Jason Lee’s one of a kind 8×10 Polaroid of the late Dennis Hopper. The artist is putting up a $25,000 dollar reward to anyone who brings it back to us. This is a very sentimental one of a kind piece for obvious reasons. The thief can come forward anonymously and charges won’t be pressed against him. Please get the word out and help us get Jason’s art back.

You can call us 323-747-5301 or email this@thislosangeles.com with any information. Thanks.

More info here.. THISlosangeles.com