Box wine and Cristal.

Welcome to our fridge.

3 days in the woods.

Our last day in Big Sur before before having to drive back to civilization and emails and phone calls the next morning. We found a creepy abandoned campgraound in the woods, went to the windiest beach in the world (i’m guessing) and did what you do on a last day of a trip like this. Try to figure out ways that you could survive by living in a tent in the middle of nowhere. Kris had some great ideas about robbing other campgrounds while people were out, or getting people really drunk and winning all their loot at poker. But none of those seemed to be really smart and we all decided we weren’t ready for life in the woods just yet, well most of us anyway.

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EA Sports, it’s in the game.

We photographed the ads for the new EA Madden 08 video game and they are started to be seen places so look out for them, or just look below. Devin Hester and Reggie Bush, there’s also one of Vince Young that we have yet to spot yet. Pretty stoked at how they turned out. Go buy EA’s Def Jam Icons, the game is packed with great silliness.

Getting Big Surley, Day Two.

Hiking, jumping, hiking, camping. Big Sur is friggin’ amazing.

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Hello Sur.

We spent last week camping up in Big Sur for Jeremy’s birthday even though it isn’t until the end of the month after shooting a spread for Angeleno on Monday. A couple great friends came with for the adventures and great times sleeping in tents and being far away from the internet and working cell phones. Here are some photos from day one.

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Benefit show at 96 Gillespie in London towne.

press release

summer exhibition . jul 14 – aug 5 . 2007

for Callum Robbins

96 Gillespie is pleased to announce our Summer Exhibition for 2007.

Our annual Summer Exhibition is intended to provide an informal introduction to the gallery and our mission as well as our upcomin schedule. This summer’s exhibition is dedicated to & in benefit of 18 month old Baltimore resident Cal Robbins.
All proceeds from the sale of artwork will be donated to Cal and includes work from Gee Vaucher, Glen E Friedman, Cynthia Connolly, Jamie Reid, Jeremy and Claire Weiss, KT Tunstall, Rich Jacobs, Sexton Ming, Tim Kerr, Harrison Haynes, Pat Graham, and many more.

Cal was born with a genetic motor neuron disease called Type 1 SMA, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The facts are brutal: SMA kills kids.The disease affects the brain’s ability to communicate with the voluntary muscles that are used for activities such as crawling, walking, head and neck control, breathing, and swallowing. Type 1 SMA is usually fatal; *most Type 1 babies will die before their second birthday*. Those infants who survive into childhood are in for a long road of occupational therapy, wheelchairs, and assistive devices. Despite years of work on its treatment and ‘ongoing promising research’, it has no cure.

This exhibition is part of a wider range of fundraising activities to help provide Cal with assistive devices & therapies that his parents could not otherwise afford. We hope to help them give him every opportunity for comfort & development.

Location: 96 Gillespie road, London N5 1LN
Opening hours: Th-Su 2-6pm. or by appointment
Phone: 0207 503 3496
Admission: Free
Tube: Arsenal (Piccadilly Line)
Bus Routes: 19, 4, 106, 236

We know Jim, he kick game in the form of La vie boheme!

This guy. What can you say about this guy? He is largely responsible for giving us our soundtrack to the summer. Evolution Summer 2007 some may say. Anyway, Brother Reade threw a picnic in the park so we could all celebrate the release of “Rap Music”. They had a proper record release show as well the night before here, but it was a bit too harsh Hollywood for us so we broke out after their incredible performance. It’s summer, so go outside and have a picnic/BBQ, and maybe “Rap Music” will be the soundtrack.

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Happy Birthday America, aka pools and teepees.

July Fourth found us heading up into the hills for a day of swimming and then down the hill for a night of birthday partying. Forth of Julys have been pretty rad the last couple years and this was no exception. Lots o’ photos to follow.

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Kelly Kelly Kelly.

It was Ms. Kelly Lynn Jones’ birthday last week and the celebration went down at the soon to be defunct Vortex house. Kelly had Sam Adama’s head while whacking a pinata over and over for about 20 minutes, I’ve never seen a beating so bad.

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Dudes in trees.

Elysian Park Saturday picnic brought all the homies out. Claire’s brother George was in town for the weekend and we all decided to sit under a tree.

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