Little Man’s first contributor’s page and his parent’s photos.

Click to biggify. Little man got his first contributor’s page in the latest issue of Death & Taxes Magazine

and here are the photos we all shot together.

Thanks to Isaac for giving us the chance to shoot MIB, it was a memorable one for sure (we listened to his CD the whole way there and the whole way home). And thanks to the always wonderful Amy Chance for her hair/make-up/grooming skills.

Chris Duncan the television star.

XLR8R TV did a nive litle episode on our good friend Christopher Duncan and there’s a ton of great Aya footie. You can watch it here.

that’s a lot of cameras.

Yesterday, Claire, Eli and I went down to the West Hollywood courthouse to shoot portraits of same sex couples signing up for marriage licenses for NPR and it was a media frenzy like I’ve never seen before. Since we aren’t newspaper photographers or paparazzi we’ve never really dealt with the madhouse that is event photography. Literally everywhere you looked there were flashes popping. Luckily, we weren’t really covering the event but rather shooting portraits of people so we didn’t have to deal with the pushing and shoving and jockeying for position that the other picture takers had to deal with. It’s a madhouse I tell ya. It was pretty emotional getting to see some couples who have been together for 30+ years finally be able to call their significant other a wife or husband and everyone had a great story about why they decided to brave the long wait to get hitched the first day it became legal knowing their wedding would be crazy. Why is same sex marriage even an issue? And who are these people who are so against it? Here are some photos of people that got married yesterday on NPR’s website. Click the photo gallery.

Silver Lake backyardigans.

Photos from Bruce’s backyard birthday bash after the jump (but mostly photos of Eli).
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We have a “Music” section now.

And new photos in our other portfolios (books and online) on

travis and suzy and their nice situation.

Travis and Suzy recently moved on top of a big hill overlooking the rest of the world or at least the east side of Los Angeles. They had their first BBQ housewarming slash Birthday party for Suzy recently. Here’s proof.
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if you’re going to San Francisco…dude.

Here are a lot of photos of the usual suspects from our trip to San Francisco a couple weeks ago. And here is a photo of one handsome man and his dog.

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You should really update your blog more.

Holy crap, it’s June! It’s summertime, its almost halfway through the year. 2008 has been by far our busiest year so far in our picture making career, and not just because we have a little man on our hands now… we have been working pretty much nonstop since the year began. I’m beginning to think that countdown that happened December 31st wasn’t really to bring in the new year but for us to get ready to not sit still. We actually fell asleep around 10:30 on New Year’s Eve but whatever. I guess what I’m really doing is making up excuses for not blogging more.

Here are a couple things… last week we got to meet and photograph the insanely funny man Michael Ian Black for 8 pages of pictures and words in Death & Taxes. We also shot the band OK GO for Capitol Records, but no treadmills were involved. And um, we went to Vegas a couple times, went out to Joshua Tree for the first time, up to San Fran for a show we were involved with… and… we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary!

Also, we are very close to having a “music” section on our website, can you believe we didn’t have one already? It’s a lot bigger than we intended but we are very happy with it nonetheless. It’s done, and you can see it HERE if you want. When we find someone who has the time to change our front page a bit to add a button for music it will go live, anyone? Anyone?

Also also, We got a lot of emails from people asking advice (not love advice really, you can get all that at the Single Ape) or how we did this or that or all those things and lately I’ve been inspired by some photo business blogs I’ve been reading lately like, and Business of Photography so we’ve decided to share any experiences we’ve had as a pro picture taking wonder duo on this here blog. So, email us any questions to info at day19 dot com and we’ll do our best to answer them. New photos up soon, I have to go to Trader Joe’s right now.