After New York for a couple days (a couple weeks ago now) we drove out to Pennsylvania to visit my mom, grandma, and our friend Kimberly who just bought a house out in Amish country. Have you ever seen a bait machine? We did on the way. More photos after the jump.

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just a second please.

Sorry for the lack of updates that people have been expecting but it’s been ridiculously busy and we will get to the blogging soon. The above photo was taken in Vegas yesterday, probably my favorite photo of me and the little man so far.


Trying to catch up with everything and the jobs keep coming. It’s a great feeling. We have a cool photo in this month’s Fast Company with Barack on the cover. Also photos in the new ReadyMade, Another, and Glamour. We have an interview in French in the new Blackpool magazine, in France. Vegas for a shoot this weekend. Piebald last show photos up very soon.

Neuve York

Sorry for the lack of updating over here but we just returned to Los Angeles after a 2 week trip back east for some photo shoots. One was to photograph Dan Houser, the man behind Grand Theft Auto for Rockstar Games (drops April 29th). We decided to stay awhile longer so Eli could meet everyone and we could go and catch the final Piebald shows ever. Working on getting all the photos up as we speak.

The offices.

New York has the same car as we do now, but theirs are yellow. More soon.


Easter weekend we decided to have the first ever day19 croquet invitational of Eagle Rock. There’s been a lot of croquet lately, this time it was in our backyard. Thanks to everyone for coming out, you all played well. Bryan Sheffield, puppy love.

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Lawng Beach.

We went down to Long Beach for the opening of Shudder at The Ism Gallery last weekend. Lots of great people showed up, we sold a couple pictures, ISM had a free photo booth, and Dan Monick’s beard was there. All things that make up a great night.

More photos after the jump.

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