We’re riding out TONIGHT to case the promised land.

The Boss is playing Los Angeles tonight. My Jersey pride is coming out like you wouldn’t believe right now.

Minka in the dirt.

We recently shot Minka Kelly for a couple different magazines (this one ran in Men’s Book) at an insane house in the hills that had Picassos, vintage Rolls Royce’s and this great cliff in the backyard. The best part though was having her stand in the dirt in a $10,000 outfit.

Congrats to Jen & Neal.

Welcome Tate Parker St. Clair into the world. He’s still a little camera shy.

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“No war for Heavy Metal”

VBS.TV is putting together a fundraiser photo show for “the only heavy metal band from Baghdad” Acrassicauda who are currently in Syria and are likely going to get deported back to Iraq soon. That’s not good. So Vice, some artists (including us) and, perhaps most importantly, some generous patrons of the arts will be pitching in to help raise money to get them somewhere that’s not quite so wartorn. You can learn more about it at www.heavymetalinbaghdad.com.


Dave and Chris. New band.

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Getting there.

Slowly getting around to putting up some old photos that have been sitting around while our little computer was in the hospital. This round is from a trip to San Francisco for the opening of our Polaroid Project @ Adobe Books. We drove up there the day after getting home from a shoot in NY and we had to frame the 80+ photos on the way. The same night as our opening was the opening of Chris Duncan’s amazing show @ the Gregory Lind Gallery so the timing couldn’t have been better. Thanks to Maggie and Dan at Adobe for making everything even possible. Photographic documentation of the night follows…

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