Let’s go Lake Show!

San Francisco tonight & tomorrow.

Hello friends up north.

We are coming your way this weekend and here are some things that are going on that you should come to and say hello.

Friday night.

Hot & Cold ‘zine release/art show at Luggage Store Gallery

After Party for that somewhere.

On Saturday,

Brother Reade invades SF with 2 free shows!

Brother Reade in San Francisco
One day, two FREE shows.


RVCA 3:30 pm
1484 Haight St.

W/ Odynophagia

222 Club 10:00pm
222 Hyde St.

W/ Buddy Leezle, The FCKS, Sick Face

People in Northern California straight hate on Southern California. This, in my opinion, is due to these strange things called myths. Myths will often try and tell you things like, ‘there is such a thing as a unicorn’ and ‘if you aren’t a good little boy or girl you’ll get lost in the woods and an old lady who lives in a house made of candy will try and push you into an oven.’ In an effort to disprove certain similar myths that people have about Los Angeles, Brother Reade is staging a diplomatic campaign this weekend in San Francisco. As an act of good faith, there will be two free shows on saturday alone. One is at the RVCA store, and one is at Club 222.
Flyers abound at Brotherreade.com.
Come out and jam with us.


Brother Reade doesn’t necessarily deny the existence of unicorns, however we do endorse getting lost in the woods.

Claire’s Birthday jamz.

Saturday was Claire’s birthday BBQ in the backyard. Here are some photos from the day.
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We have a photo in the new Juxtapoz Photo Issue on newsstands now. I usually don’t like Photo Issues of magazines for whatever reason (maybe because we aren’t in them) but this one is really impressive (and I’m not saying that just because we are in it). So go pick up a copy. We also have a dozen pages of our photos featured in a new art book called Apenest. Pick that shite up too. New news, Polaroid Project book out by before fall, more news on that soon.

I mastered the dance, but now you’re gone.

Ok, so this is the beginning of the post I’ve promised about Piebald and their last shows. I want to start by saying we are so happy that we were able to make it out to Boston for the final shows ever, we said no matter what we were going to be there and it happened. We have known these guys for I guess about 10 years now and consider them not only some of our best friends but family, Travis even played “Here Comes the Bride” at our wedding! It was hard to be there and believe we may never see them play as a group ever again and it was hard to even edit these photos because I didn’t want to believe it was over. We have a ton of photographs of these guys from years past and are gonna post as many as we can here for the next week or so, so keep checking back. And if you are interested in prints of anything let us know, we would love for people to decorate their walls with some Piebald. Lots of photos after the jump. I hope we did justice of how amazing the last shows were.

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