So true.

Aaron Farley sent me this photo, he watches a lot of MTV.

New Day19 ‘zine, sorta.

Converse is releasing a limited edition ‘zine tomorrow that features a lot of the work we did with them last year. We haven’t seen it yet but will be going to a Cons dealer to try and get our hands on one. Let us know if you find one. Theres a dealer locator at

Eli, Girl, Bend.

I have been a fan of Mr. Andy Jenkins for a long ass time now. I was a fan of his work before I even realized it was his work I was a fan of, if that makes sense. So you can only imagine how stoked I was when Tim (our mailman) dropped this off at our door about 5 minutes ago. Eli’s very own wooden OG Girl!

Thanks Andy!

some randoms.

Here’s some random photos from the past couple weeks. Above is Matt Costa, he came to play live on my radio show. More after the jump.
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Isac Walter, scooter cop.

Too much fun.

This was the view outside our hotel door last week in ‘Bama. A very drunk girl soon woke him up yelling about how she can’t find her boyfriend or room key and tried sending this guy downstairs to get a new one. After 5 minutes he still couldn’t figure out how to use his feet and she proceeded to call him useless and throw her shoes at him. The best part, they were Chuck Taylors! We could have made an ad out of it if we weren’t scared shitless of her.


So stoked to see Jimmy Eat World tonight. For those that don’t know it’s the 10 year anniversary of their Clarity album so they decided to tour and play it in its entirety. The album brings back so many amazing memories of going to school in Boston, living in a 400 square foot 3 bedroom apartment with at times 7 other students (Claire being the only girl). There were multiple bangs on the door to tell us to turn it down. Can’t wait. The above photo we shot a couple years back for J.E.W’s Work single.

A week in the deep south.

Claire and I (and team Day19) just spent a week in the deep south shooting some pictures. We’ve never really been to that part of the country before but I have to say it’s pretty great. It has similarities to Portland but with so many untouched locations it’s unbelievable. Spots that if they were in LA or NY would have been used on 50 album covers already. The negative, smokey bars! Man, my eyes were burning out of my skull. We had the most amazing team, an art director who knows us better than he probably wants to and a ridiculous amount of photos we are so proud of. None of which you will see here for obvious reasons. Here are some photos taken with our Ricoh GR2 mostly by our assistant Magda that we made sure no top secret information was leaked. So it’s mostly photos of us. We’ll show you the rest in 6 months or so.

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