Brighton graffiti.

Fake show, real emotions.

About a year ago the good folks at Anomaly came to us wondering if we had any photos from a concert they could license for a Motorola ad and the first thing we said was “we have a ton, but there’s no way we can get releases from all of those strangers. Why don’t we just throw a fake show?” And so we did. Above is our good pals Mickey Adams and Curtis Mead, that microphone wasn’t even plugged in.

More photos and the ad after the jump.

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A Polaroid from October.

New old.

I promise this won’t turn into a car blog but wanted to share a photo of a new obsession. Filing this post under the “who cares” section.

The 2010 Christmas print.

Years ago we started putting up a cheap print for sale (it used to pay January’s rent) around the holidays as a thanks to people who check out our work/blog and here’s this years. This year is a photo of good buddy Jesse Spears dancing on Easter. It’s limited to 35 for $35, signed and numbered. We will be selling them at the “THIS Holiday” show this weekend at THIS Los Angeles. If there are any left we’ll put them up for sale here starting Monday.

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