F*CK YEAH! the computer is fixed FEST.

So after weeks of the so called Apple Store geniuses at the having the Day19 mainframe they realized that they diagnosed it wrong and DIDN’T need to wait for all the parts that were backordered. Those guys there really are geniuses! They have never gotten one thing right when we’ve had computer problems, ever. Never ever. But enough ranting, having something other than a laptop and Blackberry again is great. here are month old photos from the Fuck Yeah Fest.

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New York brings us to New Jersey.

We were shooting in the city of New York the week leading up to labor Day and got to go to our home state of New Jersey for Labor Day. My brother (who also lives in LA but was visting) had a party at our dad’s island house on the beautiful Lake Hopatcong. There was lots of food, potato launchers, and babies. Babies are everywhere these days I tell ya. Emelia is above.

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back in Los Angeles, San Francisco Chronicle.

Finally back in Los Angeles for a couple days after going up to SF for the opening of our Polaroid Project. The SF Chronicle made it their “don’t miss” in their weekend magazine. Soooo, don’t miss it. Came home to a crapped out Quad G5er that is luckily still under AppleCare or it would have been $1700 to fix and the photos I had almost ready to put up of the F*ck Yeah Fest were on it so that’s gonna take another week. Here’s the write up in the Chronicle…

And we still have ‘zines left.

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Adobe Books and the Backroom Gallery Presents…

Jeremy and Claire Weiss “Day19 Polaroid Project”

Opening reception Thursday, September 6, 2007 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates September 6th through October 6th.
Curated by THE FOLKS.

3166 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415.864.3936.

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