Kid times.

These days if we have more than 4 days off in a row we go on a family vacation. It’s a new Weiss rule. This week we went to the happiest place on earth, right down the 5.

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Hello friends. Not sure if anyone reads this anymore or if they only go to The Tumblr or the Instagram or the whatever there will be next but this still feels like a nice place to post news and whatnot. The above image is from the Adidas Originals fall campaign that’s starting to pop up around the world. It was another great shoot with those guys but honestly, I don’t remember how long ago it was. I do remember being in San Francisco for it though!

This year has been pretty nonstop and we’ve been lucky to work with some really great people. We just finished working with Puma and Usain Bolt again in Miami, before that our first shoot with Wired magazine. It really has been an incredible time with all the shoots being unique and different. Keeps everything interesting for sure.

There’s a really great show opening at our gallery (THIS Los Angeles) Friday night. It’s a solo show of Tim Biskup, his first show in 3 years. Come by if you can.

Also, we made some t-shirts with a big DayXIX on the front. We like ’em, they’re soft. Email us and we’ll send you one. Thanks for checking us out and giving me a reason to talk about ourselves.


Insta-vintage day19 t-shirt.

We made a bunch of these shirts and want to give some away. They are screened on ridiculously soft cotton with thin ink making it instantly your most comfortable shirt. To win one post a photo of your old favorite t-shirt on our Facebook page and we’ll pick some people at random to send them to.


Last June we threw a fake show to get some real live shots for SAP/Fender with Ogilvy & Mather. This is the first I’ve spotted.

Happy October.