Day19 on your wall.

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I bet you didn’t know (aka, hello Texas).

That we were down with Texas graff crews did ya? Well it’s true. Our buddies that make up Sour Grapes are having an art show in Dallas on March 1st. Go, and say hello. Much love to our Texas friends.

Happy Birthday Farley.

Farley had a croquet birthday picnic which inspired us to convert our backyard.
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Mel and Travis and The Ice Truck Killer.

We brought Eli to his first art show last week. It was our friends Travis Millard
and Mel Kadel‘s show in Santa Monica. They are both incredible artists and this was another incredible show. At one point I turned and saw the ice truck killer from Dexter and actually got a little startled only to find out he’s a friend of Mel’s, so he probably wasn’t going to empty our bodies of blood.
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Gnarls Barkley released their first press shot to the world on their Myspace Page and their own Flickr Page so I guess we can finally post one here. There are tons of great photos from this shoot and we are super excited about seeing them everywhere. This one is just the beginning.

In other news, we updated the Polaroid Project on The Day19 in the “Projects” section.

Eli Manning Weiss

Eli was 7 weeks and 1 day when the New Jersey Giants (yes, they play in New Jersey so they are the NJ Giants to me) made history by beating the New England Caught Cheatingers. Unfortunately, this may mean a lot of new Eli’s are going to be born in the tri-state area this year. Sorry buddy, didn’t mean to name you after a quarterback. Bad coincidence I guess. All good things about NY came from NJ, as Nate just said “the literal light at the end of the tunnel”.

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