Some things.

Big Steve-Little Wolverines @ The Scene.

Thanks to Crumpler Bags for sending us some photo bags. Check out their products, super tech photo/laptop backpacks.

Congratulations to Kim and Dave on the birth of their little baby girl, Sophia Skye.


Claire shot some photos of the Unhee fashion show this past friday, and there are some on their site already.
Not much yet, bust worth a post no?

What’s up internet???

As many of you know that have been checking out for awhile (especially those who listen to my radio show, Claire and I have some serious love for a band called The Frames. And as I was posting the new “photo of the day” I decided to post a song by them. I don’t see how music can get much better than this. Sorry for the fan out, but buy their records.
The Frames – Fitzcarraldo (live)

We started a Myspace page for Day19 last Thursday. click here and be our friend aight.

This is out this week.

We recently shot this cover of Bret Harrison who’s on a new show called The Loop, on FOX I think. Pick one up if you’re in Chi-Town.

RabbitTusk…wrecking a house near you.

o, the inaugural Rabbit Tusk/RADDER/BR house party went down over the weekend and it was crazier than we ever expected. Here’s some photographic evidence.

the shirtless RADDER contingent.

the crowd during Brother Reade.

it looks like the guy w/ the tan jacket is pulling that girls nose up.

It got so crowded that when i lifted my arms to snap these photos I couldn’t get them back down. Me as DJ no records.

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In other news, you probably saw the new w/ a facelift. New photos, new flashiness.