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In the woods.

With a little break in shooting comes heading into the woods with the family and pals. This round we trekked into the Santa Ynez Mountains, 30 miles in on rutted out dirt roads. Tree climbs and hot springs and no running water for four days = amazing.

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Last month Adidas Originals brought us to Tokyo for a quick shoot and we were lucky enough to have 4 days off there before flying to NY for part two of the shoot. We had never been but of course have heard about how great it is a million times. It’s even better than that. Go. Following are way too many photos of the trip, but its hard to edit down a story sometimes so I hope you enjoy the photos half as much as we enjoyed the trip. Thanks Adidas!
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Put up a bunch of ads we shot over 18 days this past summer for Western Union HERE. They will be running in over 40 countries so if you spot one let us know. Shot with a Phase One P40 back that doesn’t go over 200ISO and each photo has to be able to run in 6 different formats! Tricky. Thanks to our friends from Amsterdam and hope to see y’all soon. Off to Tokyo, NYC, and Rio. Follow the trip on Instagram (day19, claireweiss).

Day19 for Puma running.

We just added a bunch of tear sheets and outtakes to the “advertising” section of our website. Check it out.

Brighton graffiti.

Heineken Island, Jamaica.

Just wrapped an extremely fun and successful shoot down in Jamaica last week that we can’t really talk about yet but we impressed ourselves even. We shot in some pretty sketchy locations and everyone we met was our new best friend. Definitely the complete opposite of going there on vacation and staying in an all inclusive, separated from the real Jamaica experience. On the day of our noon flight back to JFK we woke up at 5am and chartered a boat with the guys from Decon and Droga to a small island someone had heard about. It was a deserted island about 20 minutes out to sea… with a deserted Heineken bar on it. If anyone can find the commercial or campaign they must have shot on there I’ll buy you a Red Stripe. BTW, even though the photos contain a bunch of Red Stripe bottles that was not the client.

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P.S. Claire had knee surgery a week and a half ago (5 days before the shoot) and technically wasn’t supposed to go on this shoot but you try telling her she can’t go to Jamaica for a week!

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South Africa.

A year and a half ago we were lucky enough to fly to the bottom of the world for a 2 week shoot in South Africa. The stadiums were just getting built but you could already feel the excitement in the air. After the shoot wrapped our amazing producer somehow got us comped a free safari at Phinda. As rad as that trip was, how great would it be to be there right now?!

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Claire shot this of me last week up in the mountains with her new Polaroid camera.

Semi-Permanent montage.

Semi-Permanent Melbourne 2009 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

We spoke at this event a couple months back, look for us in the video!