the mountains.

If you don’t follow us on the Instagram or if we aren’t Facebook friends, here’s a little Day19 update. After a crazy busy 2011 shooting some of the best work of our careers and working with old and new friends alike we decided to take the winter off. We bought a little cabin in the woods not too far from Los Angeles, drove our agency crazy by avoiding their calls, and decided to lay low in the woods, have some great family time and teach the kid to snowboard. For a kid who just turned 4 he’s quite the little ripper and half the mountain now knows us as Eli’s parents. It’s been awesome and rewarding and revived us a bit. We’re excited to be back in LA now and about to jump on some planes and get back to work but we’ll be up there again soon so if you want to come ride just get in touch.

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TF3 this Friday.

THIS Los Angeles

Eli made some glow stick paintings last night.

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We did a super fun shoot last fall shooting “day in the lives” of some of Southern California’s top female high school athletes. Going to be posting about 100 images from it in our “new work” section on our website any day now. Stay tuned.

Boxes of Polaroids.

We literally have boxes and boxes of Polaroid photos just sitting in our studio unscanned. If anyone wants to help please get in touch.

Here are some random ones recently scanned.

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