Its June, it’s almost July, then August.

The point of this post? A bunch of random point and shoot photographs (mostly taken with a Leica D-Lux2 for those who like to know), and some new news.

First of all, we never announced our joining of the Giant Artists family. We call it a family and not an agency because it definitely feels that way, couldn’t be happier. We even brought Young Blake on board.

Day19 pals Brother Reade have a new hit for you to check out
right here. Love the RabbitTusk mention in the front (which we also have a hand in if you couldn’t tell from the 100 mentions). You can buy all of Brother Reade’s records on the GTFU Radio store (which we also have a hand in if you couldn’t tell from the 100 mentions), and since we mail everything out we’ll include tons of new Day19 stickers with every order. Tons.

Ok, no more plugs, on to some random pics.

Jeremy and Neal in a garage.

Farley and Rennie in our rented studio in New York.

Mets game.

Little Red eyed Riding Hood, James Jael @ Hollywood Forever Cemetary movie.

Jeremy in rented loft, NYC.

The Nokia ad campaign team, ’06.

This dog scared the shite out of Claire.

Curtis Mead on that same hike.

Carol Keg stand? or, KarolKegStand?

Jeremy finally met long time Day19 pal Natasha in Philadelphia this month.

Little Wolverines are lazy performers.


We both got new bright “summertime” sneakers.

More soon, we’re catching up.

The Mighty RabbitTusk.

Hopefully all of you have been following the happenings of RabbitTusk. If not here’s a little update of what we’ve been up to. Nike hosted a 4 week Futsal Tournament (like soccer w/ small courts and goals) in Hollywood that we were invited to play in along with stores like Stussy, Union, Undefeated, Filter Magazine etc. The first 3 weeks were basically scrimmages to let the teams get a feel for each other and make the seedings for the final “Winners get a free trip to Brazil” Tournament that went down last night. It was honestly one of the best times we’ve had, ever. And it’s not just because our Mighty RabbitTusk team won the whole thing. Visit for some great coverage of the event including videos of the goal to tie it to force the overtime and the overtime goal by none other that Tusky Agent Steve Berra. Also, visit for tons of fun.

2 new ads.

Here’s 2 of the ads that just came out we did for the new Nokia N72

Summer has begun.

It’s June, it’s hot. Going to see the Dodgers play the Mets tonight. Who do we root for? Where we’re from or where we’re at?
Here’s a new photo shot from this past weekend using our new underwater camera bag (aka fancy ziplock).