Phone photos.

Last week we spent our 9th wedding anniversary at the best hotel in Palm Springs. Then we went to South Carolina!
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News and such.

In the calm before the storm we decided to do a quick blog post of the past couple weeks or so. Things have been productive around the Day19 house. We did a super fun fashion story for Monster Children that comes out in early June. Can’t wait to show everyone, we couldn’t be happier with it. We also did a cover shoot for Blueprint magazine, our first shoot with A company I guess I can’t mention yet which was a week of good times with good folks. We also worked with MTV for the first time. Lot’s of firsts this month. We are headed to South Carolina this week to cover the 24 Hours of Lemons race where all cars must cost less than $500 then fly straight to SF for a week with one of our favorite shoe companies, then 2 back to backs in LA and then off to a shoot in NYC for a couple days! If you told us 5 years ago we would be this lucky with our picture taking career and be having as much fun as we are getting to work with an amazing and vast range of clients I would have called you insane. Thank you to everyone who likes our pictures and continues to support our dream. Following are a bunch of pictures that having nothing to do with what I just said. Oh, and we built a ramp.

Photo above is our good buddy Dallas reading his book at a huge kid’s book event that happened downtown.

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Day19 for Puma running.

We just added a bunch of tear sheets and outtakes to the “advertising” section of our website. Check it out.

more Converse Spring 2011.

Two more ads have hit the streets from the spring campaign we shot with our pals at Converse last year. We are lucky to have built such a great relationship with those guys and wrapped our 7th campaign (Fall ’11) with them a couple months ago, our best one yet. Stay tuned for more.

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