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Still telling stories.

Still attempting to tell the stories behind how some of our photographs came to life on our Tumblr page. Sometimes the stories are good and sometimes I should just let the photo do the talking, but I am going to keep this going.

David Lynch.

So here’s a portrait we did of director David Lynch. This was shot for the icon issue of the now defunct project of Shepard Fairey and Roger Gastman called Swindle Magazine. We were told we had no more than 30 minutes with Mr. Lynch, not because he was a diva or anything but that he can’t handle doing one thing longer than 30 minutes apparently. We decided to shoot him with 4×5 film, Kodak Portra 160 to be exact with one soft box (like every 4×5 shot we ever shoot). We shot 4 frames that felt great so we asked if he would like to smoke. He said “I would love to, it’s one of my favorite things to do”. He lit up, we shot this one more frame and called it a day because we knew we had it. 5 frames, have never even looked at the other 4. As we were packing up our gear he said “It was a real pleasure watching you guys work” and he walked off. Thank you Mr. Lynch for your time.

We have a very large print of this for sale at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, the 2nd in the series. The first was purchased by musician Matt Skiba without us knowing.

News and such.

In the calm before the storm we decided to do a quick blog post of the past couple weeks or so. Things have been productive around the Day19 house. We did a super fun fashion story for Monster Children that comes out in early June. Can’t wait to show everyone, we couldn’t be happier with it. We also did a cover shoot for Blueprint magazine, our first shoot with A company I guess I can’t mention yet which was a week of good times with good folks. We also worked with MTV for the first time. Lot’s of firsts this month. We are headed to South Carolina this week to cover the 24 Hours of Lemons race where all cars must cost less than $500 then fly straight to SF for a week with one of our favorite shoe companies, then 2 back to backs in LA and then off to a shoot in NYC for a couple days! If you told us 5 years ago we would be this lucky with our picture taking career and be having as much fun as we are getting to work with an amazing and vast range of clients I would have called you insane. Thank you to everyone who likes our pictures and continues to support our dream. Following are a bunch of pictures that having nothing to do with what I just said. Oh, and we built a ramp.

Photo above is our good buddy Dallas reading his book at a huge kid’s book event that happened downtown.

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New old.

I promise this won’t turn into a car blog but wanted to share a photo of a new obsession. Filing this post under the “who cares” section.

Have a great weekend.

We started a Tumblr site for a place for all the random randomness to live.

Best car commercial ever?

Remember when BMW released all of those short films? Brilliant.

Team Moto.

We worked again with Motorola and Draftfcb last week on another super fun shoot. Thanks team!
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Day in the life: editorial shoot.

Yesterday we had a great little shoot for a magazine we’ve never worked with before. We decided to dust off the Ricoh P+S and keep it in one of our hands to document the day. Let us know if it’s something we should do more of or if it’s just a stupid waste of MegaBytes.

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Play ball.

It’s baseball season again. I’m not the biggest baseball fan by any means but I did grow up rooting for my beloved New York Mets. But now after living here for over a decade and raising our son here can I really pass down the tradition of rooting for a baseball team 3000 miles away? I mean, we are in NY a ton and could catch a good amount of games but that’s nowhere near as easy as driving 2 minutes down the road and catch a game. With that said, GO DODGERS! (This is the type of shit I think about way too much).

2010 so far.

We’re a month and a half into the new decade and I am trying to wrap my head around what we’ve been up to lately. Opening a gallery (THIS was a huge success) seems like it has taken up all of our time, but we did actually have some photo shoots sprinkled in there too. Nothing that big so far, but our fingers are crossed. A shoot for Rolling Stone last week, a couple shoots for The Wire, a shoot for Rockstar Games, a print campaign for Motorola, a shoot for our new studio mates Monster Children who are about to invade our shores with their magazine.

Claire and friends in our studio.

After a big project you’ve been working on for months happens it’s sometimes hard to get your head back into all the other things that are going on. Like trying to make a new website that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, trying to actually put out this Polaroid Project book, setting up the next show we are going to be having at the space (a collage show is next and then a Polaroid show we are curating with Jason Lee). I’ll stop the rambling now. Sorry. How are you?

The spread above is Sarah Silverman we shot for the latest issue of Nylon.