Jon Huck’s “Couples” @ Jeff Electric Gallery.

Jon Huck has a great photo show up right now at Jeff Electric Gallery in Silver Lake, it’s photos of over 100 couples. And as you can see from the photo above he asked us to be a part of it. Check out the flyer here. Also make sure to check out Jon’s website for another great project he did entitled “Breakfast”.

ISM Magazine and us, so happy together.

We are featured in the new ISM Magazine that just came out. We haven’t seen it yet, but here’s the one page they emailed around.

Saturday w/ Chris and Maggie.

This man got stuck in an umbrella while we were out to breakfast w/ our visting Bay Area friends Chris and Maggie. Here’s some photos of a lazy day roaming around Los Angeles.

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Dancing in the Dark.

The day after Claire’s birthday we had a birthday dance party for her @ Little Radio with a mandatory dress code of all one color outfit. Color of your choice of course. We didn’t take many photos due to the non-stop dancing but here’s a couple.

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Claire’s 30th birthday.

This is a bit old now, but earlier this month Claire turned 30 and our friends Christopher and Alicia invited us to visit Animal Acres with them to celebrate by hanging out with some rescued farm animals. It was closed that day to the public but the founder and president Lorri showed us around and basically let us run free with the cows, pigs, goats, turkeys, etc. that they saved from insanely cruel conditions on farms around the area. Please visit the Animal Acres website and read about what they are up to and donate if you can. If you don’t already live a cruelty free lifestyle like ourselves, it may just make you see the light. Thanks to Lorri for being amazing, and also to Christopher and Alicia for taking us…and for the bottle of Cristal. It’s in the fridge in case Cribs ever stops by. More photos after the jump.

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