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More summer.

Kris, Richard, Jeremy.

Ryan Johnson.

Going to NY/NJ tomorrow morning for a quick job and to hang out on the lake I grew up on and take some more summertime flicks. I forget what the crazy humidity feels like, and when I step out of the airport it feels like I’m trying to breathe through a wet washcloth. Can’t wait.

The Bronx press shots outtakes.

We rented police uniforms for this shoot and did most of the photos in sketchy downtown LA. Lots of homeless people jumped up and took off running when they saw us coming around the corner.

These are the ones we chose…

random photos #1 (may).

Just like the title says, here’s some random photos from May.

Claire @ Oak Tree gun club, 5/19/05.

Hannah @ Fish Lake.

summertime @ Neal’s.

Nico in Sarasota.


On a side note, Capture One Pro is great. Makes editing RAW files a hell of a lot easier.

First post, thanks Farley.

So I never even thought of doing one of these until Mr. Aaron Farley inspired me to do so. We have tons of photos that never get seen until now, maybe. Let’s see how long we keep up with this. Here’s a photo Claire took thats also the “photo of the day” on Day19.