New blog category: A thanks to all the people who help us on our photographic shoots. Here’s Toepfer!

A time to get…

Nick from A Time to Get stopped by the studio the other day and we ended up driving fast around town and he happened to shoot some photos of it. Check it out. Photos do a great job showing how many appliances we share our parking lot with.


Atlantic/Pacific from THIS.

You can hear Eli cough at :47.

Another Polaroid.

These Friends 2 at THIS.

THIS Los Angeles is a gallery space we started with some friends one year ago. For the inaugural show we decided to invite all our friends to show one piece and it was a huge success (photos), over 800 people spilling out into the streets of Highland Park to try and catch a glimpse. We had a bunch of other shows throughout the year, some we had a hand in and some that we didn’t even make it to the openings. We never started the spot so we could be gallery owners, we just wanted to showcase our friends work and our interests in a nice space. I think we did a good job so far and are very excited for the upcoming year, kicking off with another huge group show… These Friends 2. Opening February 4th, 2011. Hope to see you all there/here sometime.

Monster Children outtake.

Here’s an outtake of a shoot we did of artist Lisa Solberg for Monster Children a little while back. The one they ran after the jump.

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