The biggest photo’zine (book?) we’ve ever made.

Claire and I recently purchased one of these monsters just so we didn’t have to rely on anyone to make our photo ‘zines for us. The problem is when you have it at your disposal you tend to make something massive, and that’s what we did. By far the biggest ‘zine we’ve made to date. 64 full color pages, hand-sewn binding, with photos of everyone from Ice Cube to Sophia that you see here examining one. Cardstock cover designed by Blake E. Marquis. Hand numbered, limited to 500. All photos from the year 2006. This is the one, the one we’ve been waiting to make for years and we couldn’t be happier with it. More photos and ordering info after the jump…

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The Drama magazine shot us.

I guess it’s old news now, but Issue 8 of The Drama featured us in their “Inside Look: Studio” section. It’s a pretty ammusing photo of ourselves I think. Thanks to Sheffie for taking it.

We got the teamwork…

Tonight on Jeremy’s Radio show.

We welcome this guy to the show. Tune in on Little Radio 8-Late.

Portland Town.

Last weekend we drove up to Portland for the closing of I Do Adore. We rode bikes around, ate some great vegetarian meals, visited some rad stores like Food Fight, the new Herbivore Store and a great little vintage store Avant Garden. Portland is a beautiful city and we’re excited to visit again, but I think we’ll fly next time….the drive’s too long and there’s a ton of dead bugs on the front of the car now.

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George leaves L.A.

My brother George decided his time in L.A. was up and that he was ready to move back to the beautiful east coast. We had a picnic at Griffith Park to send him off.
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