Last night in Durban.

We are sitting in a hotel room in Portland Oregon right now about to get started on a Converse campaign, well, a couple campaigns for Converse all at once. It’s shaping up to be a week of amazing shoots. As we sit in the great Pacific Northwest we are still looking at photos from the Africa trip. Just one more group of pics to get to after this of the safari, but we can’t get to them until we get back to Los Angeles next week. Here are some quick pics from our last night there full of face painting and traditional SA food.

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Out of Africa. Part Two.

And here are a bunch more random photos from S. Africa. Some taken with the Mark3, some with an iPhone, and some with other devices. That’s Sebastian, he was our assistant from South Africa and a pretty radical dude. He loves rugby, soccer, and sport in general. If you ever work in Africa make sure to give this guy a call. Sebastian Voigt, remember that name. It’s strange to spend almost every waking hour with a team of great people on a job for two weeks and then bam it’s over. On to the next. We are very fortunate to do what we do and meet so many amazing people along the way. Here are some of them, and even more in the next post.
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Out of Africa. Part One.

It’s true. We are back in Los Angeles now attempting to catch up with everything. Spending all our time with the little man. Trying to not wake up at 5AM and go to bed at 8PM. Hopefully we’ll get back on California time before we head out again for that next big project. More on that soon, but for now here are some photos we took while in South Africa. Most of our days were spent shooting but we had 2 days to hang out when we first got there to approve locations, meet everyone, and let our bodies recover after 40 hours of traveling. More posts soon. Here’s some complete randomness from Africa South. Photo above taken at the sugar cane fields overlooking the Indian Ocean. Our assistant Rennie and Chaperone Sithembiso. Ludacris’ Pimpin’ all over the world video was shot all in Durban, S.A. BTW.
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8 days in on 08/08/08

We are on day 8 of shooting this Nokia job here in South Africa and just realized it’s 8/8/08 since the olympics are on tv. This weekend we are going on a safari before heading back to Los Angeles, wish us good luck that we see a rhino or something. This is also the first post I’ve done on my phone so I’m not sure that it will even work. Photos soon when we have a chance to get more than 5 hours of sleep.

40 Hours, 3 planes, and a full day lost later…

Here we are in Durban, South Africa for the 2nd part of this Nokia job we’re working on. The travel was a bit crazy, but premium seating really makes a world of difference. The first 4 days of shooting in LA went great and we’re excited to get started here. We’re also excited for two days off in South Africa!

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