These screen prints we made.

We made a bunch of these posters awhile back and the story goes something like this…We made a lot (250), we sold about 50 and lost (forgot about) the box with the rest of them. Well, the new Giant Artist intern found the box in the dungeons of GA and we are going to try and sell the rest…quickly. So, how about $15 bucks? Sounds like a good deal to me

18″ x 24″ 2 color hand screenprinted on white cover stock, signed and numbered. NOW $15 bucks here…

Nice “Shudder” write-up, opens this weekend.

On Their Best Behavior.

And the show is this weekend. There is a weird band portrait show in the front part that made me feel like I was walking through an issue of Alternative Press (but has some great photos by Bryan Sheffield and Pamela Littky). We will be there with Eli, he’ll be signing autographs if he’s awake.

Here’s more info:

Jeremy and Claire Weiss
Giant Artists
Dan Monick
Michael Lavine
Patrick Fraser

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My mom just sent me a box of photographs I took when I was 10-11 years old. This one was from our annual school trip to the roller rink in 1986. New portfolio material.


Found all the photos from the We are the Only Friends We Have sessions. It’s good to dig sometimes.

The new Gnarls album is out…3 weeks early. We had a version of it that we’ve been listening to on repeat but the release is different and incredible and worth your purchase.

Those LA moments.

Be sure to check out the new show that follows around Eli’s baby doctor…
Deliver Me.

Save the date.


Portland last week to shoot SM & The Jicks. Photos here.

A photo we can show now…

Last summer we photographed a bunch of cool people for the relaunch of Gargoyle Sunglasses. We were lucky enough to travel to the great Pacific Northwest to shoot boat captain Sig Hansen (I love that show about catching crabs even though I’ve been vegetarian for more than half my life) and down to North Carolina to photograph Jimmie Johnson as well as some others in equally beautiful places. We don’t know much about Nascar Racing and have never really watched an event so Jimmie was a bit off our radar, but we realize that there are millions of you out there who love the sport and Jimmie himself. He’s a 2 time champion (from what we hear) and one of the most down to earth people we’ve ever photographed. It was a great experience and I hope we get to spend some time with him again. When Claire asked him why he liked to race cars, “Do you have a need for speed or something”, he simply replied “You know what, I really just love the competition…I live to compete”. I love that. Anyway, the point of this post, the ads will be in magazines any day now, and you can check out the catalog on Soldier Design’s newly revamped website. Oh, and watch Nascar..if you want.