Bicycle bananas.

We rented a church last week. How strange is it that you can rent a church for a couple days? Like, it becomes your church for those days. You could start your own religion and have a place to practice it on Mondays and Tuesdays for only 6 Grand. We also rented these bicycles and a Mark3 1Ds. The camera is bananas. If you can find us a place that has one in stock we’ll buy it and let you come over and take a picture with it. But just one. So you better make it good.

Audio Science Clayton.

This one’s not even that old but man, that kid has grown.

Thanks for coming out and rockin’ with us tonight!!!!!!

I want all you motherf’ers (bleeped for the grandparents) to sing along with this one!

new section…photos taken a loooong time ago.

Ok, what’s crazier about this photo? A not yet built MGM Grand or a tattooless Claire?
1996, Las Vegas, NV.


I hope Eli loves this shit as much as I do.

Two fabulously talented friends have started blogs recently. Check em out..

Joanna’s drawing of the day.

Dallas and his futuristic ‘zine.

Claire answers some questions to Nylon…

CLICK HERE to read it.

Eli and I are so proud.

and the project goes on…

The Polaroid Project we started is now a year old. We’ve met so many incredible people since starting it with the intention of it making us get in touch with people who inspire us, put rad things into the world, and are just all around good creative people. We just updated the page with a couple more, go the the Projects section HERE. Or read a little more about it HERE.

Pictured above is Irish actor Fiona O’Shaughnessy.

The hat doesn’t really fit him either.

more here.