New Wire cover.

We shot jazz musician Wadada Leo Smith for a feature in The Wire a little while back and it just popped up on newsstands. There are some great photos of him inside so pick up a copy.

Goose shot.

Here’s a shot from the Canada Goose shoot we did last December. The agency behind the shoot, Soldier Design put some of the photos as a preview up on their blog. It’s always great working with those folks.

Also, there’s a bunch of the work we did with Levi’s on their site as well.

This, is it.

This is our official announcement of THIS. We’ve been posting some things we’ve been doing there but now we are proud to announce our first show.

Here’s how THIS came to be. After we got back from Australia in late October and were super inspired by the people we met there and the speaking engagement we went for Semi_Permanent. It was great to listen to people talk about their art and what their daily practices are, how they got to where they are now, etc. and it made us want to do something but no idea what yet. Then, while also in Australia and hanging out with the Monster Children guys (and gal) we definitely knew we needed to go home and do something. Something bigger than just us being picture takers.

After being home for a day or two we decided to start looking for a space to execute all these ideas we wanted to do and soon recruited some like minded great friends. Justin Van Hoy, Aaron Farley, and Dan Monick all had the same excitement to do something as well so here we are as THIS. A creative space in our neighborhood, not Culver City or Santa Monica or West Hollywood but in Northeast LA where most of us live and make our art anyway. A space where we can not only have art openings, but have the artists come and speak about their work and their process. A space we can record our friends playing songs. A space we can have afternoon BBQs at and teach kids art. A space where basically anything we want to do that needs a venue we can do. We are ridiculously excited about THIS and we hope you will be too.

For our grand opening opening on February 12th, we decided to ask our pals to be in a big group show. It may have gotten a little out of hand, we didn’t realize how many people we all know that do amazing stuff. Well, we did but it looks a lot bigger now that it’s on paper.

Please pass the flyer around, stop by and get some stickers, tell your friends about it, watch the videos of the musicians that have stopped by so far on THIS BLOG, but mostly just wish us luck. We are jumping into THIS head first.

Our son.

Patrick Park.

Patrick Park at This. Wow.

Happy Twenty Ten.

We are officially in the future.

A lot of great thing happened at the end of last year. Getting to work with Levi’s, Canada Goose, another great cover shoot for The Wire. We are lucky people. Thanks to everyone who comes here, does anyone really come here? Hello?

Happy 2010 to everyone, let’s say hello to each other this year if we haven’t already.