Here’s a week of photos taken w/ our Sony Cybershot.
The week started off w/ Annie Giant Drag on the radio show.

Chris still w/ a broke leg.

Amy had a birthday dinner at Barragan’s w/ $2 Margaritas.

Paul was there.

and Sara.

Then across the street for more w/ Rob and Joanna.

Mr. Bobby Birdman looks way happier here though.

as does Ms. Newsom.

Friday there was a wrap party for the film we’ve been working on w/ free food and drinks at Mini-bar. Claire’s brother George got 3 doggy bags full of left-overs, but it was mostly meat dishes so we didn’t get to eat… (Cybill and I)

But we did get to drink. (Claire)

George and Amy Always.

Brett w/ a wicked hole.

We noticed the doorman situation was a bit lax, so here comes Curtis!

Josh was one of the actors and one cool dude that I’m glad we got to meet.

His fiance Emilie too, but she was a little camera shy.

Here she is again w/ Director Thomas Mignone.

Eddie Jemison, another actor from the movie, and another amazing guy.

I agree w/ someone who was in the woman’s bathroom.

Saturday was boxing night at Christopher’s. Boring fight but great night. I would make this whole thing rhyme if I was more clever. First band shot of the new band.

Fancy book end.

Claire got a new haircut.

Pasadena flea market boots.

Fiona and Anthony.



That was too many point and shoot snapshots, sorry. There’s always next week.