They use this rusty old machete to chop avocados out of trees at Christopher and Alicia’s. The dogs eat ’em. I think Jeremy just liked this photo of himself.

Congratulations Aaron and Michelle.

Tomorrow is the wedding of our good friends Aaron Farley and Michelle Frier. Here’s a photo of Aaron on his birthday.

Congrats guys, we love you both.

Claire and Claire and Jeremy.

Claire in Mexico.

Claire and Ari Gold super agent (taken by Victoria Keddie).


Greg has sweet shirts he makes for sale at Little Paper Planes.

La casa de Day19.

I’ve always like seeing photos of peoples workspaces in magazines and looking at the new Swindle with Space Invader’s it inspired me take these a second ago. The 4 corners of where I am sitting right now…

Why you ask? I have no clue.