Happy New Year, From Day19.

Merry Christmas from the East Coast.

We’ve been on the East Coast for a week and a half now in the cold wet no snow. We started off in New York for a couple days where we got interviewed for PDN magazine and shot some cool people for a new project we’re working on. Then on to the family time. Right now we’re in Pennsylvania at Jeremy’s mom’s and people take their Christmas decorating serious around here, very very serious. Here are some photos from the yards, most of them right outside our own window.

more photos after the jump.

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Here’s the poster again…

18″ x 24″ 2 color hand screenprinted on white cover stock. $30 bucks here… Day19.com/store

Mom’s 60th Surprise Party.

We went back to N.J. to surprise my Mom for her 60th…

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Hey mom! ( or anyone reading this really.)

My Amazon.com Wish List

Day19/Came Crashing collaboration poster. Wicked Limited edition.

We have 25 of these babies available here and here only. 18″ x 24″ 2 color hand screenprinted on white cover stock (It’s thick!) Signed and numbered on the back. Just in time for the holidays! (love saying that). $35 bucks. $35 bones. $35 smackaroonies.

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We photographed the spring collection of unhee. Here are some of the outtakes.

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