The calm before the storm.

Figured we’d post a couple shots we just got developed from the past month. Starting this week we’re shooting a catalog and 2 ad campaigns over 11 days so we may not be getting much time to blog. All of these photos are straight off the CD they give you after developing your film at the Kodak Imaging Center in Glendale. Thanks Sheffield for clueing us in on that place.

Photo above is Devin and Stacey at their house up 2 flights of stairs in Echo Park.

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This is how you do it.

We are throwing a free show with our good friends The Bronx and Trash Talk for a photo shoot on Sunday June 7th in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a real show, with two incredible bands… we’ll just be photographing some stuff during it. Plus Keith Morris will be DJ’ing between bands! It will make more sense if you come, but please do come. RSVP to

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Hello New York!

Our long time pal Louise Sturgess is having one of those displays of her pictures tonight in New York. Please go check it out and say hello for us. And speaking of New York, we’ll be there next week for a couple days. Let us know if you want to hang out. Follow our Twitter
so you can find out where we’re at…always. We need some more stalkers.

Mark Mothersbaugh for The Wire.

We shot Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and Yo Gabba Gabba fame for The Wire last month (a magazine we’ve wanted to shoot for forever). He was one pretty damn cool guy. He drives a ’09 M3, he even made a special drawing for Eli! One pretty damn cool guy. Outtakes and bigger versions after the jump.

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PDN Photo Annual 2009 winners.

We just got word that we are winners in the advertising category of the 2009 PDN Photo Annual for the work we did last summer for Converse in Portland. So stoked to be a part of it, it’s one contest that I’ve always paid attention to but never entered. In fact, this is the only contest we’ve ever entered and honestly probably would have forgotten to if it wasn’t for the constant reminders from our amazing reps. So, thank you ladies for putting the pressure on. It’s not that we’re lazy (even though we bought a brand new car in January of last year that has yet to be washed), it’s just for some reason we never think about it. It’s hard sometimes to turn off what you’re doing right now and sit down and look over older work, we’d much rather be shooting new stuff than showing what we’ve already done. But you have to sometimes and I’m glad we did. Maybe we were just secretly scared of losing? Who knows, but what I do know is it feels great to see your photos somewhere other than your book or computer screen and feels even greater when someone else likes what you’re up to and gives you a trophy for it. Is that what we get, a trophy? I’ll let you know. Working with Converse (and Brandon) over the last year has been so much fun and by the looks of it people are digging what’s been coming out of it. Maybe we’ll remember to enter another contest soon.


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A weekend in North Carolina.

Last weekend we went to North Carolina to attend our friends Jimmy & Eleanor’s wedding. We have some great friends here from that area so it was great see where they all came from and party on their turf. Breaking into hotel banquet rooms to play charades, a beautiful wedding, a dance party in a castle, tons of fireworks, and AK-47s make for a great weekend.

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