Jordan Bennett

Jordan Bennett. New Jersey, August 14, 2010.

Happy wedding Dave and Bev.

Don’t worry, marriage is great.

Rochester, England. September 18, 2010.

Heineken Island, Jamaica.

Just wrapped an extremely fun and successful shoot down in Jamaica last week that we can’t really talk about yet but we impressed ourselves even. We shot in some pretty sketchy locations and everyone we met was our new best friend. Definitely the complete opposite of going there on vacation and staying in an all inclusive, separated from the real Jamaica experience. On the day of our noon flight back to JFK we woke up at 5am and chartered a boat with the guys from Decon and Droga to a small island someone had heard about. It was a deserted island about 20 minutes out to sea… with a deserted Heineken bar on it. If anyone can find the commercial or campaign they must have shot on there I’ll buy you a Red Stripe. BTW, even though the photos contain a bunch of Red Stripe bottles that was not the client.

More photos after the jump.

P.S. Claire had knee surgery a week and a half ago (5 days before the shoot) and technically wasn’t supposed to go on this shoot but you try telling her she can’t go to Jamaica for a week!

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Austin Heap for Newsweek.

Here are the tears of the shoot we did for Newsweek a couple months back that we blogged about HERE. Pretty stoked on them and the fact that they ran two!
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