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People seemed pretty into when we did this last year so we thought we’d do it again. The month before Christmas we’ll be selling 5×7 prints ready to hang for the low low price of $35 bucks. 3 prints to choose from, all vertical. Hmmm. Go to the little Day19Store to purchase but I would make it quick, December is going to be craaaaazy around here.


We put some photos of our first day of our new project up on Facebook HERE, check em out. Eli is the shop foreman.

Spring Summer.

JENNIFER FURCHES “Kentucky” from dublab on Vimeo.

Do yourself a favor and check out the video above of our talented friend Jennifer play a song in Elysian Park, and then double that favor to yourself and tune in to Jeremy’s radio show tonight at 7PM to hear her play some songs live in the studio., click listen @ 7 and it will play in your iTunes.


This ad is running right now of a Slayer fan we shot in SLC, Utah. If you try to talk to a Slayer fan on a day of a Slayer show you will get a one word answer yelled back at you know matter what question you ask… “SLAYER!!!!”.

Claire’s back in the darkroom.

Claire’s been spending a lot of time back in the darkroom lately printing until all hours of the night. She’s made some of these photos from Malibu we’re going to put up for sale to pay for Eli’s daycare. Hand printed by Claire herself! 5×7, come in a simple black frame, limited to 25. Typed on the front, signed and numbered on the back. $40.


Follow this new endeavor @ ThisLosAngeles, more very soon.

Rivers in the ocean.

We have a photo in the new issue of Rolling Stone of Rivers Cuomo in Santa Monica. They also posted a bunch of outtakes on their website here. We posted one we’re pretty psyched on after the jump.

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We updated Eli’s blog w/ Halloween pics HERE. Yes, we were the Weiss superheroes.